Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Happy April Fool's Day!  Elder Pope's mission is being extended by a month! 

Elder Pope's mission really is being extended by a month, but Happy April Fool's Day anyway!

With many things in life I find this bittersweet.  After resetting my expectation of suffocating him with hugs and kisses from sooner to later, I was able to appreciate what a rare opportunity staying a bit longer is for James.  The West Chicago, Illinois Mission is a new mission area with many young missionaries. Elder Pope currently has the distinction of being the most experienced missionary serving.  He is determined to leverage this for all the good he can before his 25 months come to a close. 

Meanwhile, some of you may remember that a year ago James and I agreed to a Book of Mormon reading challenge.  Yes, it's shamefully been a year since I last blogged.  Even more so, I was literally skunked in the reading challenge. Seriously?  All I can say is I think he had help.  ~LoL~  So, I clap my paws in congrats to the tortoise as I was distracted along the way...

Today is April 1st and spring is in the air!  James will be home on 30 April!  My heart and lungs are literally filled with love and laughter.  An added joy to this season is the return of James' sister, Anne, from her mission in Canada.  Anne arrives home 3 April ~ 2 days!  Our youngest, Michael, is awaiting a mission call as I write.  Our home will be a bustle of excitement this spring and summer as all three transition into the next phase of their lives.

In retrospect, James has been away two years and Anne for 18 months.  My perception of how this time passed, whether quickly or slowly, is a phenomenon that baffles me.  What I can say is that it's been a great two years walking this chosen path with two amazing young adults.  And, as time will tell, possibly "the best two years" for our missionaries.



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