Sunday, September 23, 2012

In the face of adversity…

Elder Pope shared a challenging missionary experience in his last message.  I found it remarkable so I wanted to share it.  From Elder Pope:

Yesterday we were walking by a house and two men stopped us to talk.  My companion and I stood nicely for about a half hour listening to them pick us apart.  We had listened the whole time to a man who is in the Army.  He was big, but being raised the way I had I did not back down when he raised his voice.  Instead, I walked closer to him looking him straight in his eyes.  When he was finished telling me I was going strait to Hell because I was trying to work my way into Heaven I calmly looked both men in the eyes and said, "Look, I am out here not to work my way into Heaven.  I am here to bring people closer to Jesus Christ.  If after all I can do they get a tiny bit of faith increased in Christ then I did what I came to do.  I am here because I'm thankful for all that he did for me.  We share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He made a difference in my life and I want others to have that same opportunity".  After boldly testifying, the two men couldn't say another word, they were confounded in their speech.  Never have I felt so calm and collected in testifying of truth.  The men nodded and shook our hands and walked inside the house.  This gospel is true.  With every fiber of my being I know this.  We must first read, study it out in our minds, and pray about it.  I know not how to convince people of its truth, nor do I want to.  I only wish to invite them to experience it for themselves!   
                                            --Elder Pope



  1. James: This story is perfection. Keep up the good work. I know that you understand the challenge and you will embrace it with all your might. Peace.
    Steve Raska

  2. Elder Pope
    As your father you make my chest swell with pride, My eyes wollow with tears, and my heart jump with joy. I know our Father is even more so.

    I am proud of you.
    Love Dad

  3. Elder Pope
    We are so pleased and proud of how you are doing on your mission. We are going to learn how to use the communication system your sent Mom sent to us, that we now have on our computer. Keep up the good work and may our Father in Heaven continue to bless you. Love from Bob and Faye Olson